My pursuit of light manipulation continues as capturing of true emotions is something I want in every photo. At 16 years of age a little accident happen with a borrowed 35mm Minolta SLR, and that made me discover my passion for photography. I learned with film cameras in studios and academically, the transition to digital has taught me when you need one or the other. I strive to capture everything on camera and do the least retouching or manipulation in post work.

I have an incredible admiration for those who take upon themselves to learn and understand how to manipulate light and the many aspects of photography, from a technical sense, composition and aesthetics.

I strongly believe what Bill Cunningham said, “He who seeks beauty, will find it.” Even though I love fashion, Coco Channel comes to mind when I’m assigned a fashion shoot “La mode se démode, le style jamais” (translation: Fashion fades, only style remains the same.)

Beauty and style can’t be just skin deep. It has to go all the way down to the soul. It is an attitude, a way of life.

My focus is in editorial, commercial and fashion photography. I love black and white photography possibly because it is the true capture and manipulation of light through contrast, my icons are Man Ray, Richard Avendon, and Helmut Newton. However, I can’t feel but to have a deep attraction to color because of the saturation and visual impact it has on our eyes. Newer photographers that have made a significant impact with their style are Paolo Roversi, Sacha Dean Biyan, Ellen Von Unwerth and Jamie Beck.